The strict cyber laws of Canada have made the online activities of people a major element of the intelligence data sharing. The ISPs track information including the internet browsing history of the users, the online chats, and traffic data, as well as can report the same to the concerned government authorities. Apart from that, your information is always at a risk of being stolen by hackers or someone who wants to look into your data.

The need of the hour is to use a reliable VPN service. It not only safeguards your privacy, but also protects your personal information or browsing record from stealth. A large number of users are replacing their regular internet connections with a secure VPN service when it comes to keeping their sensitive online data, communication logs and histories to themselves.

There’s a whole range of VPN services out there with servers established in Canada. Some of them are free while the best ones come for a subscription price. The huge list of options can seem to be too confusing when it comes to settling for one. If you are wondering which VPN service suits you best, scroll through this article and check out the best VPN Canada providers and their individual features.

Reviewing a list of some of the most popular services, we have bundled up a list of top 9 VPN providers that operate in Canada. Additionally, you can have a basic understanding of the different subscription plans that each of the VPN services offers, as well as what makes it stand out from the rest.

What are the best VPNs in Canada 2020?

1. ExpressVPN


  • Strong server and great speeds

  • Efficient client applications

  • P2P on all servers

  • 30-day money back guarantee

Subscription Plans

  • 1 month – $12.95/month

  • 6 months – $9.99/month

  • 12 months – $8.32/month

Ranking the top of the list, ExpressVPN operates at 160 different locations and runs thousands of servers worldwide. Offering steady and great speeds to the users, this service is hugely popular for the awesome performance that it delivers.

Working very efficiently when it comes to overcoming location blocking and geo-restrictions, ExpressVPN lets you connect with numerous streaming services from different locations.

With a whole bundle of client apps for most platforms and devices, this VPN service provides the users with highly optimized, easy-to-use mobile clients. The provider follows a no-log policy and doesn’t store any of your online activities and traffic data, thereby letting you enjoy complete privacy.

Keeping all the information protected with 236-bit encryption, ExpressVPN goes for the OpenVPN protocol as well as provides P2P on all of its servers. This makes it stand out from almost all of its competitors out there.

All the available subscription options offered by the network come with a 30-day money back guarantee. While you can go for the monthly plan, the 1-year package seems to offer the best value to the users and keeps it all quite budget-friendly. In fact, the annual package cuts on almost half of the cost of a regular monthly plan, while also letting you enjoy the VPN service for three additional months.



  • Double VPN for added security

  • Extensive server network

  • DNS-like SmartPlay feature

  • 30-day money back guarantee

Subscription Plans

  • 1 month – $11.95/month

  • 12 months – $6.99/month

  • 24 months – $4.99/month

  • 36 months – $3.49/month

NordVPN provides the most secure network that’s facilitated by its Double VPN feature. All the internet activity of the user is passed through two different VPN servers in order to keep everything totally secure. Overall, the provider operates over 5600 servers from more than 60 different locations.

The widespread servers of NordVPN provide a wonderful coverage, wherein most of the serves are perfect for P2P users. Over 350 Canada-based local servers are accompanied by 1,900 additional servers south of the border. You won’t face any troubles in connecting to the servers at any hour, getting download speeds that are equally favorable.

The on-point interface of the simple yet quality mobile and desktop clients delivers a great user experience as well as an excellent performance. NordVPN allows you to work with six connections through their network at the same time, while also offering an option for dedicated IP that makes it perfect for users looking for a next-level VPN.

Offering 2048-bit encryption, NordVPN is marked by great features, including DNS leak protection, system wide as well as app-specific kill switches, and proxy extensions for browsers(Chrome and Firefox). Another must-mention element is the SmartPlay feature that can help you unblock various streaming services and get around geo-restrictions. The zero logs policy accompanied by the encrypted chats and traffic make the VPN one of the most preferred choices among Canadians.

NordVPN comes with a 3-day free trial package, further letting you choose from the different subscription options, including a 3-year value package as well as monthly plans. NordVPN offers 30-day money back guarantee to make the users more secure of the service.



  • DNS Leak Protection

  • Port Forwarding

  • Torrents Allowed

  • Very Easy to Use

Subscription Plans

  • 1 month – $6.95/month

  • 6 months - $5.99/month

  • 12 months - $3.33/month

Costing a surprisingly inexpensive deal for the great features that are offered, Private Internet Access provides it all to the users while keeping them completely anonymous. The monthly subscription is one of the best bargains on this list. You can operate PIA across various platforms, including iOS, Macs, PC and Android. This makes it an a very convenient choice for Canadians as most of them operate multiple devices.

PIA’s No-logging Policy is liked by a huge number of Canadians as it keeps the users anonymous and doesn’t let the government subpoena records.

Users that lose or switch internet connections like from the office to home to restaurants are going to admire the Kill Switch feature. Aiming at preventing data leaks, this feature shuts down your internet connection until you establish a stable connection with the second one before beginning data transmission.

The Netfilter Project feature offered by PIA prevents the establishment of all unwanted connections as well as doesn’t allow malicious software to connect to the internet. Nowadays, there’s a rising concern of apps that can spy on users – and that’s why the Netfilter Project is surely an awesome feature.

Right from the great speeds to affordable pricing, the efficient and supportive customer service to the wonderful features, everything about PIA makes it a highly recommendable option for Canadians.




  • Customizable client features

  • Widespread servers

  • 45-day money back guarantee

  • Secure encryption

Subscription Plans

  • 1 month – $12.99/month

  • 6 months – $4.99/month

  • 12 months – $2.75/month (limited offer)

Cyberghost is a Romanian/German VPN provider with a perfect balance between its package prices and performance. The reason behind the reliable connection and an excellent performance of this VPN service is the fact that it offers more than 140 Canada-based servers along with more than 530 servers spread across the US.

All thr major platforms have their separate clients that come with a broad range of features and ease of use. The only issue encountered by desktop users is that the interface seems to be a little less-handy and has scope for improvement.

The provider makes sure that the user activities aren’t logged, mentioning everything very clearly through their privacy policy. Speaking of the security, Cyberghost provides its users with all the chief protocols, securing them with 256-AES encryption.

The monthly plan may seem a bit expensive to some users, but the other pricing packages make it quite affordable. Additionally, you get a 45 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the service. The 3 year plan offered by the company makes everything worth the money spent.




  • Great download speeds

  • Straightforward privacy policy

  • Easy to use

  • 45-day money back guarantee

Subscription Plans

  • 1 month – $12.99/month

  • 12 months – $7.99/month

  • 24 months – $6.99/month

One of the fastest VPN services, Hotspot Shield has spread its 2500 servers across Canda and the US, delivering lightning fast speeds to the users. The download speeds, upload speeds as well as the latency achieved with Hotspot Shield are much higher than the rates without a VPN. It supports a maximum of 5 devices, making it apt and appropriate for most Canadian users.

Although the configuration options stick to only the necessary ones, the clients are very easy to use. You get a few additional, super handy features in terms of the security, wherein virtual location change and private browsing emerge as very prominent.

Another thing to mention is that all the connection information and the browsing histories recorded while you are connected to the VPN are deleted immediately the moment you disconnect.

The different pricing packages offered by Hotspot Shield come with a 45-day money-back guarantee to make sure the users get the option to test the kind of service they receive. Most users prefer going for the 2 year package as it keeps everything under a good, affordable value.




  • Highly efficient client software

  • Excellent performance

  • Supports up to 10 devices

  • 30-day money back guarantee

Subscription Plans

  • 1 month - $5.00/month

  • 3 months - $4.50/month

  • 12 months - $3.25/month

IPVanish is spread across a spectrum of locations, wherein 35 server locations come from Canada itself. In addition to that, the entire United States has got more than 500 servers that make sure the users get an uninterrupted experience.

Coming with a number of options, both basic and advanced, IPVanish is a service with efficient software clients that are highly intuitive. The VPN provides a bundle of client apps for Fire TV, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, each of which is loaded with options, features and settings. A slight issue that’s faced by some users operating the Windows client of the VPN provider is an odd network problem.

IPVanish is perfect for torrent downloads as it delivers high speeds as compared to the usual connection rates. It prevents the logging of the user’s internet activities, while supporting various protocols, including PPTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec.

The company doesn’t offer a free trial, but the 7-day money back guarantee offered with all of its packages compensates for the same just perfect. Although, the subscriptions costs aren’t the most budget-friendly on this list, users appreciate the features of the service and often go for an yearly subscription. It is an all-round VPN in Canada, making a mark with a customer service that’s available round the clock seven days a week.

7. TunnelBear



  • Amazingly user-friendly

  • Multiple Client Software

  • Transparent privacy policy

  • Supports 5 devices at maximum

Subscription Plans

  • 1 month - $9.99/month

  • 12 months - $4.99/month

A very easy to use Canada-based VPN service with over 1000 servers, TunnelBear mainly emphasizes a convenient user experience, along with some interesting bear-themed puns. Those who like the idea of simplicity and basics will be delighted to go for TunnelBear VPN. Establishing a connection is very easy, and you won’t face any troubles in accessing US Netflix or downloading torrents. TunnelBear not only offers extensions for various browsers including Firefox, Opera and Chrome. The service has apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

However, if you are a high-end user and want to alter the protocol, TunnelBear doesn’t let the users change that. One can make only a few simple settings and tweaks, while being on their own for manually setting up the service on a gaming console, a router and more.

Although this VPN provider offers its services in only 20 locations, it scores very high points in terms of its privacy features. TunnelBear runs a thorough public security audit of its systems, codes and servers with the help of the company’s independent team of experts.

Another factor that makes this service a great choice is its speed and performance. It comes with speedy European and UK servers, strong speeds in the US, while reaching around 20Mpbs in slowest of Asian locations as well.

8. TorGuard



  • Designed specially for P2P

  • TorGuard stealth proxy

  • Customizable encryption levels

  • Supports a maximum of 5 connections

Subscription Plans

  • 1 month - $9.99/month

  • 3 months - $6.66/month

  • 6 months - $4.99/month

  • 12 months - $4.99/month

The most significant features of TorGuard VPN provider is that it is a highly P2P-friendly service. Despite of keeping the user interface simple, this service makes a complete statement when it comes to the performance.

What makes it standout from most other VPN services is that TorGuard lets the user choose their preferred level of encryption. P2P users can cherish faster torrent speeds simply by turning down encryption a notch. Some other wonderful features offered by TorGuard include the ability to bypass VPN blockers, multi-platform capabilities and steady speeds.

One of the best VPN canada providers, TorGuard meets the speed requirements of most users, and the users from Canada should be able to match the speed ratio with servers that are based in the US.

Although, TorGuard comes with an interface that doesn’t look quite sleek and stylish, the speed, customization and other features that it offers make it a great choice.

9. PureVPN



  • 31-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Allows Torrents

  • Multiple device compatibility

  • Split tunneling

  • Unblocks various streaming services including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu

Subscription Plans

  • 1 month - $10.95/month

  • 12 months - $5.81/month

  • 60 months - $1.65/month (limited offer)

PureVPN operates more than 2000 VPN servers that are spreas across 140 countries. The extraordinary customer service and the great ease of use offered by Hong Kong-based PureVPN make it a good option for Canadian users. Apart from various available protocols like PPTP, SSTP, OKEv2, L2TP and OpenVPN, this service provides an excellent encryption algorithm. All the transmissions are encrypted using a secure 256-bit encryption.

The split tunneling feature of PureVPN allows you to select which application use regular internet and which ones to run under the VPN. This makes the Internet Service Providers in Canada to witness traffic through your regular connection, thereby preventing any suspicions that you are using a VPN service.

The strict P2P laws of Canada make it a tough deal to use torrents, but PureVPN lets you download items via torrent as well as P2P. The service is not just affordable, but also loaded with useful features. Despite of not being the fastest VPN in Canada, it makes a mark with its ease of use and security. Lastly, unblocking numerous streaming services including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime is another major feature that makes PureVPN worth mentioning in this best VPN Canada list.

Final Thought

Each of the aforesaid VPN services comes with its own set of features, customization options and security provisions. However, choosing the best VPN provider in Canada is also about your specific requirements. It’s significant to go for a service that covers most of the basic essential features and operates a large number of fast and secure servers. Faster the servers, faster will be your downloads and streams, along with low latency.

Put emphasis on a straight-forward and transparent privacy policy and high-end encryption. If you use multiple platforms, go for a service that supports those operating systems, while also being able to sustain multiple connections at a single time. All it takes is to pay a close attention to what all you are getting in a reasonably priced service that keeps you in-control and secure.