5 Best iPhone Security Apps To Keep Your Data Secure

Are you concerned about data privacy and you want to keep your iPhone safe? Not to worry then, as you鈥檙e in good company. In this post we’ll talk about the聽5 Best iPhone Security Apps To Keep Your Data Secure.

Most people are becoming increasingly aware of the need for securing the ton of information they store on their mobile devices like their iPhones and iPads. These personal gadgets are paramount to proper functionality in this digital age and it has become the norm to rely on them on our daily lives.

From various contacts to messages and photos, there is typically a lot of sensitive information stored in your iPhone. With each iOS update, Apple is always looking to improve security but the default聽security mesaures of your phone are hardly enough to keep you protected.

The huge demand for more protective measures is why the market is overflowing with some of the best iPhone security apps that we鈥檝e seen. Once Apple rolls out a new phone or operating system, these apps are subsequently updated to be compatible with the new technology. We’ll take a look in this article at some of the best iPhone security apps that have been tailored to meet the needs of most users.

Here are our 5 picks from the Best iPhone Security Apps in 2017:


1Password is one of the bigwigs when it comes to sensitive information and password management. Ensuring your information is secure begins with creating strong passwords, and the 1Password app is able to generate these kinds of passwords to offer your iPhone higher levels of protection. It keeps and fills in all your passwords so you only have to remember one master password to sign in.

Some of the best features the app comes with include password syncing, groups and auto-fill. All of these help effectively manage the various passwords you use on your device. The information stored in 1Password is kept secure using AES 256-bit encryption. For convenience, the app also pairs with MacOS, Windows or Android devices.

Price: Free (for 30-day trial), then individual plan at $3.99/month or 5-person family plan at $6.99/month.

路 VPN HexaTech

VPN HexaTech is one of the best iPhone security apps, if you’re worried about insecure sites or connections. Designed by Betternet Technologies, the same company that created the Betternet VPN app, HexaTech is a faster, more secure VPN that uses a unique protocol. The service is completely free unless you want to upgrade to the premium app, which has pro features that are more suited for companies and businesses. HexaTech also helps iPhone users browse all restricted websites on any network. Some commonly accessed sites on the VPN include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other video streaming websites.

When connected to public hotspots, VPN HexaTech is able to encrypt聽your connection and provide your iPhone with a faster connection. It automatically detects your location and connects you to the nearest accessible server.

The interface is simple and user-friendly, with a single power button to turn the app on or off. Another feature of the app is its ability to backup all iPhone contacts and store that data for secure access at any time.

Available on the App store, VPN HexaTech is designed for both the iPhone and iPad.

Price: Free

路 Avira Vault

Avira is a top mobile security provider with many apps designed to increase iPhone privacy. Avira Vault keeps all your personal passwords, photos and card details stored in your phone hidden behind a password-protected digital safe.

With Avira Vault, you can alternatively use Apple鈥檚 TouchID (only on models from the Phone 5s and newer) or a PIN to access the data when you need it. It also lets users add another level of security to keep certain photos in the vault confidential. This feature deletes them from the iPhone鈥檚 Camera Roll. The app also lets you encrypt photos before they are uploaded to the iCloud server.

The free version of the app does have some limitations that are not in the paid Pro version. It only allows 1 credit card, 3 passwords and 30 files, so you might do better to pay for the unlimited features in Pro.

Price: Free (or $3.99 for Pro version)

路 Signal Messenger

When it comes to voice-calling or messaging, Signal is one of the best iPhone security apps that you will find. It protects all your calls and messages with end-to-end encryption, which means that the company itself does not store your information and even hackers cannot interference and access it somehow.

Signal beats WhatsApp, Facebook and other messenger applications when it comes to privacy. Feature-wise, it doesn鈥檛 have a lot of exciting things going on but it does its main job of keeping your communication details secure. It will also verify the identity of anyone who contacts you and make sure you are using secure channels to connect to the Internet. In other words, it鈥檚 your best bet if you鈥檙e looking to keep your conversations private.

Price: Free

路 Keeply

Keeply is another spy-level application. It allows users store private data such as photos, credit cards, pins and notes for free on their iPhone. It also lets you provide friends or family with an alternate fake pin to access the app, then shows them empty folders instead of your confidential information.

Price: Free

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