Best Safety Browser Extensions To Stay Safe While Surfing On The Internet

Time passes by and threats on the internet multiply! While most of us use anti-spyware and antivirus software to keep our computers and identities safe, we can always add an extra layer to our protection. In this post, we’ll talk about the best safety browser extensions which help us stay safe on the internet.

Technology Improves Day By Day

Do you remember the old times when the only browser that we could make use of was the good ol’ internet explorer? No way to use addons, no plugins, not even multiple tabs for us being able to open 13 youtube videos at once… to only watch one at a time.

If you wanted to open more than one tab, then you could always create a new window. That was the tab of the old times. A new window. We couldn’t even download a youtube video to our computer since there was no addon to do that, except some websites that could hardly work right.

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Now we live in 2017, having to choose from a bunch of internet browsers, such as google chrome, firefox, opera or even Maxthon, and all of them support some really neat extensions to enhance our browsing experience.

The Purpose of The Browser Extensions

Browser extensions, as the name implies, were made to “extend” each browser’s usability and features. We can now change the colors of a browser, save a youtube video locally in 2 clicks, convert a post page to a PDF file and the list goes on.

How do extensions work?

Each browser is coded via a specific line of codes. Browser coders should follow this specific foundation and code upon that. Google chrome, firefox and opera browsers can recognize the extension, bind it to its foundation and gain new features.

It’s a win-win situation for both the browser owner and the addon developer since both can make money. The developer by selling ad space or premium features and the browser owner by adding features to the browser for free, thus making it more popular and intriguing for a computer┬áuser to install.

The Best Safety Browser Extensions

Being able to download online videos directly to your computer is cool and all, but what’s cooler is that you can add an extra layer of protection to your browser, before the “bad” data even hit your computer’s antivirus system.

There is a special category of extensions called “Security Addons” and they were made to filter out harmful ads, sites, pop ups and even banners. Everything that has a purpose of “snooping” personal information and harming your computer or mobile device would be cut out by┬áyour browser.

Let’s see some of the most popular Ad – Spyware blockers that will keep your browser safe and clean.

AdBlock Plus

This is hands down one of the best safety browser extensions and it’s free. It works for chrome, firefox and safari and it’s known to block ads, pop ups, pop downs, pop lefts and rights, anything that pops can be blocked!

While it’s installed it runs so smoothly that you even forget it’s running on your browser. It can recognize what’s actually a real ad using some advanced anti-spyware technology without removing parts of the screen which you actually need them (some mediocre addons actually do that).

Apart from the ad side, adblock plus keeps a database of the most infamous spyware and trojan viruses and blocks them instantly. The database is also getting updated daily, which is pretty neat.


If for some reason you can’t use adblock plus, then┬áublock origin┬áand┬ánoscript for firefox. They are the best safety browser extensions you can encounter, as an alternative to adblock plus.

They can block malicious scripts, like javascript, which can run and try to get personal information out of your computer. Don’t get me wrong though, not all javascript codes are malicious. JS is actually needed for most of the sites to run properly.

Those addons take care only of the bad guys and not every single JS code which is actually useful, but you can always block any code you’d like by using their advanced features.

Stay Safe!

No matter how many addons you may add, no matter if you’re using a PC or MAC and which anti-spyware you prefer for your online activities, the best medicine for your computer is to actually not visit shady websites in the first place.

What are your thoughts about the adblock plus addon? Do you believe it’s one the best satety browser extensions? Do you have something else in mind? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know which addon should be on top of the competition!