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The top 5 best VPN for torrenting, P2P and file sharing are gathered here

Virtual private network (VPN) allows one to share files and download torrents while remaining anonymous. With the internet threats escalating on a daily basis, it’s important that you invest in a high-quality virtual private network. VPN masks your IP and dedicates to an IP based in another country. Choosing the best VPN for torrenting is not easy. This guide will give you our opinion on the best VPNs for torrenting.

The top 5 best VPN for torrenting


ExpressVPN protects your privacy with little fear of retribution. It’s based in British Virgin Islands and features airtight 256 bit military-grade encryption. It gives anonymous and secure connection to keep you out of trouble. ExpressVPN has hundreds of servers in different countries enhanced for torrenting and P2P file sharing. It has fast connection, so you don’t have to worry of any disconnection in the middle of a download. It offers powerful apps for android, windows, IOS and OSX operating systems. Further, it can support up to three connections. ExpressVPN is backed by supportive tech team in case you experience connection problems. When you visit a website, it’s quite easy to access browsing history using cookie files. No data is stored on the users’ online activities thanks to the flexible log policy.


This is one of the best vpn for torrenting. It helps you download torrents anonymously. The good thing about this service is that, you don’t have to necessarily limit your torrents to stay within the limit. IPVanish has no strict login policy and has locations in Europe and USA. No ISP or government can see your browsing data, so the authorities are less likely to catch you. Their servers are in more than 60 countries. One can use up to two devices simultaneously. On the other hand, the VPN offers applications for mobile devices and desktops that support Android, Mac and Windows operating systems. There is only one minor flaw; it’s not compatible to IOS operating system. Their staff is available 24/7 if you face any technical problem. IPVanish allows one to pay via Bitcoin.


VPNArea encrypts your internet with unbreakable 256 bits keeping privacy intruders at bay. No logs are required to protect your data. This VPN gives unlimited access to optimized high download speed. You can change your IP in up to 69 countries with over 200 servers. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about data consumption, there are no limits. It supports multiple devices of up to 6 connections. This allows one to share his or her account with a friend. The most interesting part is that, VPNArea changes your IP every five minutes. You can also use the download speed and test ping to find the fastest server for you. If you are looking for best vpn for torrenting that is popular and well-established, try VPNArea.


Over the last couple of years, NordVPN has made several upgrades. It features plenty of servers and security features. NordVPN is based in Panama and does not share data with any organization or agency. It doesn’t log any user activity meaning, even if the government asks for information, there is nothing to show. This makes it perfect for browsing and downloading torrents securely. The encryption changes automatically on each protocol. Unlike other VPNs, NordVPN has more than 1000 servers in 56 countries. This makes it one of the best vpn for torrenting. Recently, the vpn introduced `easy connect’ feature which allows users to select the most suitable server for VPN connection. Another notable feature is the kill switch. It interrupts the connection in the event the VPN stops working before your real IP is exposed. The VPN software is compatible with android, Linux, Mac, Windows and IOS operating system. The good thing about this vpn is; you can access any country using high performance servers in seconds.


AirVPN offers excellent security and encryption features. It’s based in Italy and has servers in more than 50 countries. It does not keep logs and allows true anonymity when using the service. It also offers 3 simultaneous connections. To sign up, you just provide your personal information and email address. It gives real-time server statistics and accepts Bitcoin. You can contact AirVPN technical team through email ticketing system. This might not be the most suitable P2P connection due to low speeds and low number of server locations.


These are greatest VPNs for torrenting around. You can now download your torrent files without leaving a trace. They are designed to help you stay safe, secure and most importantly, anonymous. In order to determine the best vpn for torrenting, always consider the security, online privacy protection, internet bandwidth and service plan.