Essential Security Android Apps – The List Everyone Should Know About

In this day and age, our smart phones host sensitive and personal data, such as intimate photos, accounts information and passwords. Since almost everything we do from online shopping to online banking and photo sharing is done on android devices, it has become essential that users try to boost the security of their devices using some essential security android apps.

The android platform when compared to its counterpart, the iOS, has a plethora of security gaps that hackers can manipulate to get into your system and steal sensitive data using malicious links that trick you into downloading vulnerable apps. In an attempt to protect your android device, there are 4 essential security android apps that you need to have installed in your android device. Most of these security android apps are free to install and use.

Essential Security Android Apps

AVG Antivirus free is one of thebest Ā essential security android apps, that provides access protection all kinds of malware. One of the main advantages of this security app is that its virus definitions get their latest updates without you having to do anything manually!

This means that its virus database is equipped to handle new and emerging viruses. It is compatible with all android versions which makes this pretty versatile for every android user out there.

AVG includes a LinkScanner, which is an important feature to help protect you from websites that host malicious apps. On top of that, AVG has an email scanner, that scans all incoming and outgoing emails to ensure that no virus or malicious apps are sent to you via any email provider.

However, one disadvantage of AVG antivirus free is that it always displays an ad to purchase the professional version. It is safe to say that it’s gotĀ all the features that one should expect from a really goodĀ antivirus software.

McAfee Mobile security offers a broad spectrum protection for your android device. It is free to install and use. It guards against viruses and malware and can even enable you to remotely track, locate and wipe a lost device, so that the thief won’t be able to steal your personal data. One of the interesting features of McAfee Mobile security is CaptureCam. This feature comes in handy when one has lost his/her device.

It takes a snapshot of the person holding your lost android device and emails you the photo, along with the device location. It also has another neatĀ feature called device lock. This feature enables you to prevent the misuse of your phone and personal information by remotely locking your device. A surprising feature on this app is the uninstall protection, which prevents a thief from uninstalling the app from your phone or tablet.

ESET mobile security also falls under the category of the essential security android apps that are full of features. There are two versions of the software; premium version and the free version. A free feature of theĀ ESET mobile security system is the on-access scan of downloaded applications and files. Another free feature includes the Anti-theft, with remote lock, remote siren and GPS localization activated by SMS. Some of the premium features are anti-phishing, on-charger scan, scheduled scanning and automatic updates to make sure your app works flawlessly.

Malware protection in ESET is quite robust with three distinct levels of scanning; The quick scan which searches installed applications, other executable files and zip files. The Smart scan, which adds external storage to the quick scan. The full scan goes through all files on the internal or external memory, but takes much more time to be completed. In the end, it’s really worth it.

Avast mobile security and antivirus has more than 100 million installs, making it one of the most trusted free antivirus for android devices. Some of the features that make Avast one of the most essential security android apps include the call blocker, app locker and the web shield. Avast scans automatically for vulnerable apps and Trojans upon first use, which adds an extra layer of protection to your system

The call blocker feature on avast allows you to protect your privacy by adding contacts you don’t want calling you to your blacklist. The web-shield feature scans and blocks malware infected links to protect you from websites that host vulnerable apps. Avast has a clean new design to enable you find all your favorite features right where you want them.

Those are just but a few examples of the essential security android apps that one would need to have in order to boost their security on their android devices. Each app has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to the user to determine which one suits them best.

Which do you think is the best app? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!