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Golden Frog VyprVPN Review 2016


Provided by Golden Frog (a Swiss-based tech company), VyprVPN is one of the world’s most successful VPN services today. The company owns and manages both its client and its server software under one roof, with no any third party companies involved. Thanks to this, Golden Frog not only guarantees stellar server uptime and unlimited bandwidth, but it has also been able to develop a set of very innovative features.


VyprVPN Review

A VyprVPN user has access to a special network protocol known as Chameleon that scrambles metadata enabling you to by-pass restrictions. If you regularly run into annoying malware websites, its in-built VyprDNS feature could prevent malicious redirections. The secure and fast routing is designed complete with a big group of server locations, counting over 200, 000 IP addresses and 70 countries. Every major home device, operating system and smartphone can be integrated with VyprVPN. The cost of subscription starts from $5p/m, but thanks to a 3-day trial that allows you to use and test it for free.


VyprVPN emphasizes heavily on the fact that no third parties are involved in its service. While many VPN service providers resort to using open-source servers and client providers, VyprVPN makes use of its own custom-made software and utilizes its dedicated servers network located in various parts of the globe to run it. The current user VPN settings are shown upfront, while the progress of your data is shown on a diagram.

VyprVPN offers users the chance to connect to the fastest server at all times, or review any status of the server by choosing from an available list. Features like the NAT Firewall and VyprDNS are briefly summarized thus making the option menu fast and easy to use. Since Golden Frog manages its own servers and houses all of its codes, it is capable of supporting the fastest connections without compromising the speed, even for those using it free.


Data privacy is taken very seriously by VyprVPN and it ensures this via the use of intricate encryption codes. It mainly makes use of 256 bit coding, even though PPTP is only capable of 128 bit encryption. Regrettably, this number is so low, having in mind that some VPN providers offer 409 bit encryption. 

The main strength of VyprVPN is the undeniable high speed connection that is ideal even for HD video streaming. A majority of users are satisfied with the 256 bit coding, provided it is able to prevent their personal information and data from theft. The service also helps to block unrequested in-bound traffic when you are connected. This feature is useful when you use wireless routers to connect to the internet.

Customer Satisfaction

Golden Frog operates a 24/7 live chat service on the VyprVPN service to take diligent care of the problems that customers are faced with. Alternatively, users can ask get help from the support team by submitting a ticket. The website’s support team has also proven to provide adequate and prompt answers to inquiries of all sorts, both via email and live chat.

Possible answers might also be answered in its FAQ section, even though it does not have all the topics. Both VyprVPN and Golden Frog can be found on Twitter and Facebook, posting self-made news and articles regularly. VyprVPN website is upfront, well-structured and informative about all details.