Internet security

Identitycloaker – The Best Way to Encrypt Data

The technology which is used to steal information is day by day becoming more widespread and affordable. The thing which was only reserved for the law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies few years ago, can be now purchased from the open market by almost anyone. The data and information which you receive and send over the internet can be easily stolen by bad guys like identity thieves, data thieves, hackers, spammers and more, since it is transmitted unencrypted. It also includes your own government, overly curious spouse or boss and internet service provider. You are an easy prey if you do not protect yourself, but how to do it?

Identitycloaker is a sophisticated yet simple to use system that is even used by Best Security Corporations in the United States. The system is so powerful that it would take at least a hundred year to decipher it. Even the best intelligence agencies of the world cannot break it.

What is Identitycloaker?

In brief, Identitycloaker protects your internet privacy. Its main objective is protecting your data by encrypting the information which is sent over the web and by hiding your IP address and physical location from prying eyes. There are other advantages too. Did you ever come across a website which cannot be viewed by you since it is blocked by your network administrator or ISP (Internet Service Provider)? Identitycloaker can help you with that too. Your location is kept secret which allows you to browse sites which are banned in your country or blocked by your internet service provider. Identitycloaker can also help you in managing your internet marketing campaigns by delivering content based on Internet Protocol address.

Identitycloaker is not some free proxy server which don’t work properly since they are always either overloaded or infected with malwares and viruses. It must also be noted that these so called “free proxy servers” are not free at all. In most cases the administrators of the server computers don’t even know that they are hosting a proxy server. There are many reports which states that most of these free proxy servers are actually owned by scammers, organised gangs, hackers and identity thieves. They use these proxy servers for their phishing scams, collecting internet surfing habits, steal personal information, etc. It is very risky to use these free proxy servers. Identitycloaker must not be confused with a Web based Proxy Service. These service providers usually use PHP or Perl scrips to hide your Internet Protocol address.

How does Identitycloaker work?

To enable Identitycloaker, all you have to do is download the computer software application and run it. There is not installation required. After that select one of the vpn server provided, through which you will be connected. If you are using Mozilla Firefox web browser, then you have to install a extension.

Usually, when you visit any website, your PC sends a request to the website and retrieves the information that is sent back by the site. This data which you send or receive is usually unencrypted and is prone to eavesdropping. If you visit a site through Identitycloaker, the request is sent through secure tunnels which are encrypted. The data is first received by the proxy server of Identitycloaker. It acts as a middleman to ensure none of your personal information gets stolen.

How large is the network of

The network of IdentityCloakers secured proxy server is growing continuously. Currently their servers in located in countries like Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Spain, Australia, France, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, USA, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and Germany. There are over thirty-one servers with 535 IPs in 16 nations. When it comes to proxy servers, they have their own private and secured proxy servers. These are either Virtual Dedicated Servers or physical computers.

What are the benefits of using Identity Cloaker?

Protects sensitive data received or sent over the internet.

Lets you access websites which are normally inaccessible in your area or your country.

Hides your location when you are browsing the internet.

Unbans you from discussion boards and internet forums.

No installation is required. You only have to download a file.

Servers in over 13 countries which ensures fast connectivity.

Can be used in any computer having Windows.

Reliable broadband speed.


In today’s digital world, where internet plays a key role in everybody’s life, using a secured proxy server is a smart choice. There is a proverb which states that it is better to be safe than sorry. Be wise and use Identity Cloaker for secure web browsing.