Why Do I Need a VPN to Protect My Privacy?

VPN’s do a lot when it comes to protecting our privacy, but not many of us are aware of that fact. Many people are consistently browsing the internet and downloading torrents without the use of a VPN, which really isn’t a good idea at all – the amount of problems that could present themselves is quite numerous. The internet is filled to the brim with potential dangers and risks of all sorts, that’s never going to change; but there’s always going to be the option of using a VPN for privacy purposes. People have become smarter and smarter when it comes to using computers, so much so that they’re even capable of stealing your money through the use of them.

If you download a lot of torrents and like to browse the internet in abundance, privacy is probably something that you hold dear to your heart. You don’t want the authorities know about the torrents you’re downloading, and you definitely don’t want hackers being able to pinpoint your location. When you can spoof your IP Address and make it seem like you’re located elsewhere, it’s going to change the way you go about browsing; it’s going to give you privacy (and freedom) like you’ve never felt before.


How Do They Do That?

VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) are like your own private network of IP Addresses, all being used to go about your various computer processes. When you make use of the same IP address over and over (without a VPN), people can easily track where you’re located. Not only that, but they can see much more detailed information about your computer (and the connection at hand) as well. Some hackers have even gone as far as obtaining IP Addresses, only to turn around and hack the people behind them. Not only that, but illegally downloading movies is totally 2016 – but it’s still frowned upon (obviously). With a VPN, you really never need to worry about the repercussions of downloading movies and such; they won’t even know where you are! They’ll think you’re watching Tarzan from a Himalayan mountain.

The best VPN services are going to provide an abundance of IP’s for use, but also make sure that they are of the highest quality. This means that they aren’t being used by plenty of people, but some other positive traits would be:

  • Keeping the rates affordable
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Replacement of broken IP’s
  • Secured personal information when it comes to payments
  • A fantastic reputation
  • Being 100% reliable!


Those are just a few of the things you should be looking out for in a reliable VPN service. If you wanted a suggestion, I would have to shout-out BestVPNCanada (; I’ve used them personally and I never had any problems with the IP’s I was given. They worked as I needed them to, just as you may need them to as well.