Netflix Tricks You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

Netflix is an entertainment Company offering online streaming services for TV shows and movies. This Company provides the best on demand videos and streaming media to its users with tablets, smart TV and Mac. Despite their excellent services, there are various critical areas and Netflix Tricks You Aren’t using that can be integrated with your site to completely improve your experience dramatically and they are;

Ignore Spoilers

Blurbs, movie posters and trailers are aimed at destroying the greatness Netflix USA reveals for you. This occurs through a chrome plugin known as Flixplus. Spoilers operate contrary to the principle objective of Netflix to display a movie accurately while filtering away any spoiling content.

Use unblocker to watch Netflix movies for other countries

Netflix has absolutely different TV shows and movies in other countries compared to those found in United States or United Kingdom. For instance, you can access unblocker services through either Media Hint or Hola by tricking the platform that you are located in another country hence giving you numerous titles. Media Hint is the best unblocker even though they offer their services at a subscription compared to Hola. Using this trick in your Netflix could expose you to security issues therefore one should perform it carefully.

You can play Netflix Roulette

This is a wonderful trick that relieves you from browsing over thousands of titles when finding a movie. Flix Roulette enables you to categorize keywords, directors and actors to assist you narrow your searches to a particular movie.

Consider adding IMDb connections, trailers and Rotten Tomatoes

The principle objective of this trick is to advance your binging directly. You can begin by downloading a version of Netflix Enhancement Suite. This eventually ensure that you improve from rotten tomatoes to IMDb rating and lastly to trailers for all titles. This will enable you to Netflix without necessarily following a complicated procedure.

To ensure high quality video, watch Netflix during off peak hours

This trick gives great results because during off peak hours especially at late night and in the early hours, there is less online congestion. Based on research conducted by Digital Trends report, they realized that efficiency, speed and video quality improved significantly when few people were logged onto the platform. This is a perfect trick that you should be using to obtain more out of Netflix platform at these creepy hours.

Understand the basic shortcuts in computer keyboard

Having a basic knowledge and skills of the major keyboard shortcuts will enhance your experience with Netflix. The most crucial shortcuts to consider are;

Spacebar to play or pause

Letter M to mute the sound

Page up will play while page down will pause

F will display full screen while Esc exit this feature

Pressing shift and the right arrow will forward while pres


sing shift and the left arrow will rewind.

Set automatic pause to your Netflix in circumstance when you fall asleep

Netflix hand guide states that to obtain more comfortable experience with Netflix, you can either purchase or knit a pair of socks and fix an integrated accelerometer. This technological device sends a signal warning to your Netflix if it senses that you have no movement for a specified period. The device will therefore pause the movie from where you had covered to evade continuous rewinding and display of unwanted spoilers.

Downgrade your stream to save your data plan

This trick play a huge role in saving your cost of data plan and to implement is perfectly possible. With the establishment of 4k resolution system to replace full HD, the amount of data consumed while watching will as well increase. To avoid this, you can visit account settings where you can restrict the quality based on your budget.

Eventually, You can apply these tricks successfully since they are compatible with the current version of the platform. These Netflix tricks you aren’t using will ensure that you will save time when scrolling and searching for various movies. To obtain the best dramatic and amazing experience with Netflix site, you should integrate these tactics into your daily watching.