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TorGuard  VPN

We live in an age where online privacy is always threatened by hackers, identity theft, net censorship and ISP’s monitoring activities. You don’t have to risk your personal privacy; this is where
comes in handy. TorGuard gives you the complete anonymous online presence by making it easier for users to use your services online while protecting your identity. TorGuard has lived up to the military grade security mark that most VPN services cannot offer by eliminating all tabs on internet usage, IP information and email addresses. For all security-minded persons, TorGuard VPN package is just the ideal solution.

TorGuard Features

TorGuard’s specific features make it stand out over all other VPN packages. These include;

  • Offers complete anonymity on VPN usage and shows no internet connection logs.
  • Its packages are relatively cheap, considering the many features and benefits they come with.
  • Its International servers supports P2P and Torrents
  • Offers full DNS leak protection to ensure protection of IP address and prevents the user from being exposed.
  • Comes in several torrent- friendly proxy and VPNs.
  • Has unlimited speed and bandwidth through over 30 servers across its 8 server locations.
  • Comes in PPTP, open VPN and L2TP protocols.

TorGuard’s Packages and Pricing

TorGuard comes in 3 pricing packages that vary in terms of monthly charges. These include;

  • Anonymous Bittorent Proxy starting from $5.95 per month.
  • Anonymous VPN Service starting from $9.95 per month.
  • Torrent VPN service that goes for as low as $4.99 per month.

The Anonymous VPN and Torrent VPN package offer the same services; the only difference is that $9.95 is the monthly plan while $4.99 per month is for the annual plan. In addition, there are offers such as bundle packs and discount prices for additional services. However, for users who are after secured VPN services, going for the yearly plan that goes for $4.99 per month is a good bargain for your money. All its plans and subscriptions come with a free trail and a 30-day money back Guarantee. Additionally, there is a free 10mb inbox anonymous email offer that comes in two cost plans; $5.33 per month for the quarterly plan and $4.16 per month for the annual plan. As much as it may sound expensive, it is all worth it considering how sensitive information can be.

VPN Server Locations

TorGuard VPN servers are located in all major parts of the world to ensure maximum connection speeds are met. This enables its users change connections when in different countries yet achieve the same results of higher speeds and better connectivity. Here are the countries where the VPN servers are located; United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand, Romania, and Ukraine.

Method of Payment

Payments on TorGuard can be made through a wide range of credit cards and web payment schemes that include; PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit Card, CashU, , OKPay, Master Card, Visa, Western Union, and Google Checkout.

Well, there you have it! If you are after security then this is the ultimate VPN package for you! After all, there is no need to go for sub-standard services that may harm your business in the long run.