What Is Tor and Should I Use It?

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tor browserTor browser is a software that allows users to browse the web anonymously. Unlike other browsers privateā€™ or incognitoā€™ Tor browser is typically untraceable. The browser was previously known as The Onion Router and was initially developed for protecting the United States Navy and its operations online. However these days, the software has been co-opted and is a free anonymizing utility for any browser who values his or her privacy. The software mainly works by hiding both the destination and source of the internet traffic from your computer. This means that no one can see what you are looking at or who you are.

Tor virtually anonymizes the movement of your web dat. Just like an onion, the software encrypts your data in several layers. And then the data is safely relayed through to other computers. Every relay removes one layer and then it eventually arrives at the source in its full form. It works by bouncing other surfers around a network of connections operated by volunteers from all over the world. This ends up preventing other people from spying on your connection and discovering all the websites that you visit. The browser also scrambles all the important data that could pinpoint your physical location.

How to download Tor Browser

The Tor browser bundle provides the easiest way to use Tor browser. You can download it easily from Torā€™s official website. After downloading it, a message will pop up, asking you if you would like to configure or connect your browser. In normal cases, you can easily connect. However you should configure the browser if your connection is proxied, filtered or censored. It is also important to note that the software may violate browsing regulations at work or over other internet networks. If you are on a public network that has a firewall and Tor Navegadorrestricts access to Tor browser (in countries like Iran and China) you can safely download the software through Gmail. Just send a message with the word ā€œhelpā€ to ā€œgettor@gettor.torproject.org.ā€ And then you will receive a step by step guide on how to download Tor Browser. Once you download it, it is important that you open it and perform a Tor check before you do anything else. These will ensure that you are browsing anonymously.

Why should we use Tor?

Tor is for any web user who is concerned about his or her privacy. For instance, if you fear your browsing history is being logged in, Tor is the way to go. Most websites like Facebook, sell browsing histories to advertisers. It is also likely that those ads that pop up on your screen when browsing your social network or email account are products of other parties that are analyzing and buying your browsing data without your knowledge or approval.

Additionally, it is often for people like Journalists and Activists to turn to Tor for anonymity especially when they are reporting injustices from enemy territory and they do not want their location to be discovered. Anonymity is also crucial for utilizing basic internet functions safely. For instance citizens of countries with strict internet censorship laws can find Tor very helpful. In some cases, important information is usually placed behind a firewall. Tor browser users can circumvent such a firewall and research, say Ebola treatment or access to twitter or Facebook without being discovered.


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