Why Should I Use a VPN for Torrent and P2P Downloads?

Using a VPN has become a relatively popular process when it comes to downloading torrents and P2P files, because there are a lot of repercussions (legally) that you may have to deal with.  In order to make sure that your privacy is maintained online, it’s always nice to use the internet behind a VPN. Not only are we going to talk about what VPN’s are, but why you should use them as well. We’ll also dive into the proper places to look for a VPN service, which is essentially half of the battle.

VPN’s are Virtual Private Networks, which will act as a cloaking device of sorts. You use the internet through the use of alternative IP Addresses, which hold all of your personal information. People can figure out where you live, when you connected to make a download and even how long that particular download took through the use of IP tracking. As a result, people have taken the need for VPN’s much more seriously as of recent. You launch a VPN client on your computer and connect to the private networks that you pay for – it’s that simple. The services that you end up going with (I would highly recommend that you take a look at Best VPN Canada) will give you log-in credentials and such, making it a rather easy process in general.


The Benefits of VPN

The main benefits that you’re going to see would be security and privacy. There are a lot of potential hazards out there on the internet, especially when it comes to downloading torrents or P2P files. Let’s face it, these are the types of downloads that are probably going to put you at risk in one way or another. There are obviously trusted sources on the internet, but you never really know what is going to happen – that’s why using a VPN is the perfect way to ensure that you’re always accounted for. If you’ve got content that’s blocked in a specific region or country, you could make use of a VPN and unlock said content. This applies to things like television shows or online videos, even sports streams.


If you want complete privacy and security while browsing the internet, VPN’s are a must. Anything else that tells you it can help is just a lie, as VPN’s are the only thing that will positively affect your browsing/downloading experience. Even if you’re not constantly downloading torrents and P2P files, a VPN is still going to be a must in a sense – it just provides too much security to refuse. People can get a hold of personal information like your bank account, your personal e-mails and even the files on your computer by tracking your IP (and targeting you for attacks).

If you use a VPN, and the IP being displayed isn’t the one you actually make use of, it’s merely a cloak. That’s why hackers aren’t too big of an issue when you implement the proper VPN system.